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Why is SpeedBot So Effective?

SpeedBot is a simple, intelligent, elite personal trainer at your fingertips.

Using specific algorithms, SpeedBot creates individualized training programs that maximize results quickly making you stronger and faster than you've ever been.

Speed and strength training is a science. It's knowing how to structure individualized training sessions that selectively recruit fast twitch muscle fibers in order to improve performance. With the SpeedBot glute ham machine (GHM) and training app you'll have the most comprehensive speed specific training program available. The SpeedBot training program will make you faster, stronger and more explosive than ever!

Comprehensive Training

The Most Elite Speed Training Program Available

Achieving elite speed and strength requires a comprehensive training program. SpeedBot provides you with all the tools you'll need to become faster and stronger than ever!

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Synergistic Speed Exercises


SpeedBot structures exercises into combinations and groups that complement one and other and work synergistically to compound results. SpeedBot intelligently evaluates your input to calculate optimal load ranges, reps, and exercise combinations so you get the most out of every rep, set and workout that you do.

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What Do SpeedBot Results Look Like?

David - Speedbot User

"SpeedBot is amazing. I've been training for years and have never gotten results this quickly. I'm faster and stronger than ever! Speedbot is the best personal trainer I've ever had!"
- David, C. Denver CO.

David's Results

  • Bench Press
  • Back Squat
  • Power Clean
SpeedBot Starter
Glute Ham Machine

Speedbot Starter

Speedbot Starter

This is the revolutionary training APP that will turn you into a faster, more explosive athlete. SpeedBot's intelligent training app will create customized training programs just for you. You'll be amazed how quickly you see results!

  • Customized daily workouts designed just for you
  • Comprehensive training plan with custom supplement recommendations
  • How-to training videos
  • Specific training loads based on your test results
  • 1,000 + challenging and exciting exercise combinations

Monthly subscription fee of $9.99

Speedbot GHM

Glute Ham Machine

SpeedBot's glute ham machine WILL MAKE YOU FASTER! SpeedBot's patent pending design makes it the most effective piece of speed training equipment available.

  • Guaranteed to develop stronger and more explosive glutes and hamstrings
  • Patent pending design maximizes results quickly
  • Available for $399.99 (vs. $2,000 for other glute ham machines)
  • Weighs less than 35 LBS
  • Easy to store
  • Only available at Speedbottraining.com
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One time payment of $399.99


Who is the SpeedBot program for?
SpeedBot's training program is designed for anyone looking to improve their speed, power and explosive strength. Whether you're an athlete, a weekend warrior or a fitness enthusiast, SpeedBot has something for you.
What equipment do I need to train with SpeedBot?
We highly recommend purchasing the SpeedBot glute ham machine if you're serious about getting faster and more explosive. The SpeedBot program, however, is meant to be accessible regardless of where you decide to train. If you have a gym membership or have a home gym you can benefit from SpeedBot. Speedbot gives you the option to switch out exercises that require equipment, with those that don't. Don't worry if you don't have a barbell and squat rack- simply select an alternative like ISO lunge + Sprinter's Lunge or Eccentric Lunge + Speed Lunges.
Some of the exercises look pretty advanced – does SpeedBot offer modified exercises?
Absolutely! Speedbot comes with video examples of each exercise. More advanced exercise will offer a "modified" way to perform the movement. The modified version is typically presented toward the end of each video segment.
How are my workouts customized?
SpeedBot requests that you take 3 simple strength tests to start the program. These are not mandatory, but are highly recommended so SpeedBot can optimize your training experience. We help customize loads (weight used/intensity) for each rep range based on your test results. Additionally, SpeedBot places you in a specific strength-training silo based on the sport and position you select. For example, SpeedBot knows that training a football tailback like a soccer midfielder doesn't make much sense. As a result, training intensity and volume will vary based on the sport and position you select.
When will I notice custom changes being made to my workouts?
The initial direction of the program will focus on making the athlete as strong and as fast as possible. Once the SpeedBot has sufficient data, it will begin making minor adjustments to your program. Dramatic changes in the program will be made as you get closer to the start of your season i.e. SpeedBot's training will become more sport specific.
Can I design my own training programs?
The advantage of SpeedBot is that it takes the guesswork out of training for you. The SpeedBot training app is meant to be easy to use and effective. Our goal is to make you as strong and as fast as possible with our intelligent training app and proprietary and patent pending glute ham machine.
Where can I purchase a SpeedBot glute ham machine?
SpeedBot's proprietary and patent pending glute ham machine is only available through SpeedBottraining.com. Please take a look at our SpeedBot Elite Package for a great discount on the glute ham machine!
Why should I buy SpeedBot's glute ham machine?
SpeedBot's glute ham machine is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment for athletes who are serious about developing explosive speed and strength. SpeedBot's patent pending design puts you in a safe and effective training position. We guarantee this piece of equipment will develop the strong and explosive hamstrings you need to run fast… really fast!


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